Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A sign of my own stupidity...

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See, this is one of those things you have in your car, which REPLICATES a pound coin. So when you get to a supermarket if you don't have a pound you can put this handy item in the trolley and shop.

It's slightly naff, so obviously I don't put it on my keyring. And anway, my keyring is full of... many keys I cannot entirely indentify.

This ... faux pound makes me feel stupid everytime I use it. Because? Because it cost me two pounds.

It's a cipher - a sign - of everything I get wrong in my life. At some point, I can't remember, I was clearly in a shop where I thought, hey, two pounds for a thing that does the job of a pound. That's a bargain. Or, hey, why don't I buy an unecesary item where I only have one of them, to replicate pound coins, of which I have many. That'll be smart.

And in having an additional belonging, I have to **do** stuff with it. I have to keep it somewhere. I have to remember where I kept it. I have to remember to get it back (rather than trading pound coins with a randomer in the supermarket). If I'm in a massive hurry and it's pouring and Zaphod (small child) is screaming, I don't think "oh, it's only a pound, leave it for someone else to find and have a nice day" abandaning my trolley with free cash in it. I think - that would be wasting two pounds, go get it.

So, short fom: my faux-pound makes me feel actually-stupid.

And also, the more expensive the supermarket, the less it works. Lidl - fine. Tesco - no. Sainsbury - no. Waitrose - I didn't even try.

Learn from me, people.

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