Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Seasonal musings..

So there's a few things I've noticed recently:

- Zara Philips: shouldn't she have had a manicure before the big engagement-ring-showy-offy photos? They've been living together for ages, it can hardly have been a suprise

- do you hate it as much as I do when the little widgets from other sites you've been to (DIY stores, property websites) pop up in other places WITH THE STUFF YOU LOOKED AT. It feels almost like being stalked. Personalised web experience? Sure. Freaky feeling that makes me never want to visit them again? Fersure.

- I am experimenting with faux-mincemeat (ie vegetarian beef-suet-free) - it is currently doing its thing and I will attempt mince pies tomorrow. As well as challah:)

- I am totally in love with my ice-gripper stabilicer type things. I actually feel secure when on snowy/icy ground: I recommend them to you all. (Although I notice they have put the price up by £5 - £10 since I bought them six weeks ago: I guess it's supply and demand, but even so.)

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Anonymous said...

It actually makes me like Zara Phillips more. It's refreshing to know that maybe she cares about more important things than how her nails are looking. (Although the Daily Mail claim that the proposal was indeed a complete surprise to her - so it must be true, lol!)

I love the idea of those shoe thingies. Such a good idea.