Wednesday, March 09, 2011

House Renovation - Day Nine (our foundations)

So work's moved on apace, with the foundations for our extension pretty dug out, and the whole of the ceiling on the first floor removed.

One thing about this kind of project - that I struggle with - is that you can't pin everything down in advance. There are going to be things that happen as you go along.

D, the builder told me that the worst-case stuff happens in the first couple of weeks. So no suprise, then, that when we sat down yesterday, turns out that the middle (internal) walls of the house don't have deep foundations. The exterior of the house, on the otherhand, has apparently fabulous foundations for a house this age.

What this means is that to carry the weight of our loft conversion, we may have to dig deeper foundations. Possible alternative routes are redesigning the steels to spread the weight differently, which I'm hoping is do-able, otherwise we have to dig into our pockets quite a bit deeper than we planned.

Oh well. Nice house when we're finished. We hope.

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