Wednesday, June 22, 2011

faux wheat in Tesco

faux wheat in Tesco by sashinka-uk
So, when I'm in the huge Tescos in Finchley, which is a large commercial building under some offices, full of city people buying... their shopping, I see a vista of wheat fields ahead of me.

In front, "freshly baked" bread, wrapped like your grandma had just prepared it for you.

Like, who are you kidding? This image does not make me come over all Hovis and transport me to a time when people went out to the fields and then milled their own wheat and kneaded their own brad.

It makes me think: huge international multiple food retailer which has in probability put many artisan bakers out of business wanting me to **think** they're the corner store in the country.


In the words of a famous ad man: the customer's not a moron, she's your wife.

Tesco - you can do better than this.

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midlifesinglemum said...

The new Mega Supermarket in the Jerusalem Mall (think Sainsburys)has a whole section decorated like a French village market. They think by opening the packets of nuts, lentils, ect... and selling them by the weight out of a big sack (costs more of course) you will be conned into the 'Im buying healthy stuff' mindset. My personal thought is: Eugh! Everyone's touched that - where are the sealed packets?