Monday, October 10, 2011

finished front 1

finished front 1 by sashinka-uk

So we finally have a "front", after much debate about stone / finishing / edges etc.... here it is.

The house is, largely, done. Inevitably there's a long list of snagging stuff, but it's done. We live here.

Six months of planning, hard graft, site meetings, discussion and debate.

I love it when people say to me - who was the architect? (me). And the interior designer? (me). And the lighting designer? (me).

And other people have said, are you going to do this for a living now? And I say... no, of course not. I recognise the difference between a talented amateur and a professional, and I see what a huge chasm of skill and knowledge there is.

But I had a lovely time. And if you're looking to do a sensitive restoration of an older property (and like my taste) and want some advice....


fudgeit said...

not quite sure how to congratulate you without appearing like a random commenter. hadn't checked your blog in ages and have enjoyed reading up about your work on the house. you've done an amazing job, time to bask in the glory a bit?

Midlife Singlemum said...

Outside looks great. Can't wait to come and visit the inside :)