Sunday, July 28, 2002

Indian Summer
Hardly the phrase I'd use; it was shvitzing. But cool in a hip way. Anna came over, we hung out in the garden, read the papers, and I put on factor 50 sunblock and still managed to go a darker shade of pink.

Then we went down to Regents Park with about five thousand other hardly-clad mellow revellers of all ages, for the Channel 4 Indian Summer big-chill type thing with Nitin Sawhney, Badmarsh and Shri, featuring UK Apachi and Asian Dub Foundation. Lying in the grass, not exactly working on our tans, and talking crap was the perfect antidote the the (separate) late nights we'd both had. Our collective cleavage was admired by many and we just chilled, enjoyed the people watching, the music, drinking in the atmosphere... till we got hungry and went our separate ways. I'd promised myself an early night, but...

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