Sunday, July 28, 2002

My First Sex-Educational Experience

Well, not my first. My first was when my parents gave me a book, aged around four, that started off with a picture of a pencil, and said "in the beginning, you were small. Smaller than the dot from this pencil." It was beautifully illustrated and worked its way up from flowers, bees, animals to two people covered in a well-pressed sheet on a neatly-made bed. It was informative.

Aged around eleven, my parents gave me an "everything girls need to know" book. They were modern, sixties parents; I should ask them anything I wanted. I devoured the book in about a day and a half. There was only one question; I'd been well-informed up till then.

My Mum was cooking in the kitchen: "Mum, Mum, I've read the book. What's masturbation?". Her reply: "oh, Sasha, I'm busy, go ask your father."

It was summer, and my Dad was trimming the roses in front of our house and talking to two (male) neighbours. I think it might have been a Sunday; suburbia, you know. I ran outside: "Dad, Dad," I shouted, "What's masturbation?" Sadly, I don't really remember the expression on his face. "Go and ask Mum," he replied. And there I was, caught in an information loop for the rest of my life...

It would be cool to say I just found out yesterday or something, but I guess I found out my other means.

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