Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Because I so rarely have anything good to say about any call centre, CSR, or other such modern endevours, I feel I should say a wonderful word about the Alliance & Leicester. I had to make a business call to them, and the person I want to reach, as well as their secretary, are at lunch. The switchboard takes my name, and then I get through to someone who says:

"Hi, is that Sasha? X and Y are at lunch right now (although presumably not together. she didn't say that), but we're taking calls for them. Can I take a message?"

So turns out that A&L have secretarial services, AKA real people who take calls when you're at lunch. How cool is that? And they're friendly, and nice. When I tried to clarify is she was X's assistant, she said "Oh, I'm nobody." I said I'm sure she isn't, and we had a little, momentary, connection.

We were on the phone, and we were human. So rare, in modernity.

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