Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Sony Vaio Update

Strangely, I am feeling slightly benign about this, even though my wireless is basically intermittent. Bigger things happen in life, perspective, etc.

I've had a lovely letter from Adam that he'd prefer I didn't mention online. So I won't.

But I'm stuck - should I call first line tech support? I feel unconfident in their skills? Should I call third line? I don't feel like there'll be any real options. Or should I just send the whole thing back?

Three is a genuine option, but I can't bear the thought of having to spec a whole new computer and set it up. And also, the Vaio is sexy and light.

And also, I feel like it's some kind of meditiation: I'm all immediate, and want everything to work immediately. Maybe this is a message from the universe to be calmer and use wireless less. I'm a lot less angry about the whole thing than I would have been, say, three years ago.

Gd, but I'm turing into a hippy. Help.

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