Monday, July 03, 2006

You may have noticed that it is rather hot.

I daily thank the gods of freelance-work-provision that I don't have to don a suit and commute to like Aldgate.

My windows are open, I can hear birds, there's even an ocassional breeze.

But boy, are English people bad at hot weather. I realise it's unseasonably hot (but with global warming, I guess we'd better get used to it. Although there is a difference between weather and climate, apparently), but it's getting silly.

Like, there's hot weather advice from DirectGov. And I keep seeing/hearing those adverts that tell you to phone NHS Direct in hot weather. You know what they'll say to you? Drink more water.

In the nineties (do you think we'll ever say the naughties?), I lived in some hot countries. Singapore, Hong Kong, Bankgkok, Jakarta. For a few weeks or months each, and it was hot. Damn hot. But you know, sure, there's a lot of aircon, but you just get used to it. You have a lot of fans, generally one in each handbag, and houses are ... cooler, because they're built for hot weather. Back then, exercise was anathema to me, but there were people in Singapore who played polo and rode in hot weather, and I thought they were mad, but they said it was good.

It's all about mindset. Sure, it's hot, but you have to stay relaxed. Of course, if I was commuting to an office at Leicester Square, and the aircon was broken, and I was sitting next to someone who hadn't showered since Sunday, I might feel a little different.

And you so know what people are going to say. In fact, a woman in Somerfield this morning said to me, "hot enough for you?" English people and weather: weird mixture, do not go there.

So I'm drinking a lot of water, and calling a lot of bankers, and uploading a lot of photos from M and A's wedding yesterday.

What are you doing?

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