Friday, January 08, 2010

All the news about gritting....

So we're snow covered here at Sashinka towers, and have been all week. The news is filled with low temperatures and low rock salt quantities, and apparently local authorities are having to "prioritise" roads.

Seems that Camden is doing that already. As far as I can tell, every single side-road is like an ice rink, totally not gritted, and the same is true of pavements. I know because one side of my street is Camden, and the other is Brent (I imagine an invisible dotted line going down the middle) and the Brent side has gritted pavements.

I still have around 50kg of rock salt in our hall (and much impressed my neighbours with my survivalist instincts), but, frankly, that's not very much. And while I won't slip on my path or the pavement outside my house, thanks to Sashinka Enterprises Gritting Services, I'll probably break my neck outside my neighborus house.

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