Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Pox day three...

The pox day three - we are all completely wrecked, but I think we've turned a corner. He actually went to bed around 8pm, and is still asleep, which is a record since Monday. Here's hoping we have a good night.

And also, I am very moved by all the nice people who have messaged/texted/called with advice and real offers of help and drugs. Thank you. And to Ruth - he was totally bowled over by the Toy Story get-well-soon cupcakes - you are our fairybakemother:)

When this started on Monday, and J was basically fine but had spots, and was wittily walking around the house telling tales of what "his chicken pox" wanted to do (which was, of course, largely Toy Story related) I was thinking "this chicken pox lark, what a breeze." And when people said "have a stiff drink" or "see you on the other side", I didn't really get it. Like everything, really, that you haven't experienced yourself.

But boy, do I get it now. And I *really* appreciate by the warmth and support. And also, I'm really tired.

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