Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Pox in the house

Small child has chicken pox (yesterday was day one of spots). People tell me that the infection makes you just want to sleep, and with the piriton thrown in, rather drowsy. Don't know if we have a rare strain (or perhaps a rare kid) but he has been chatting solidly - and very loudly - since 7pm. A sort of live-stream-of-consciousness that encompasses Toy Story, chicken pox, snow and his current favourite today (Froggy Frieze). "J, it's really time to sleep now," I say. "Mummy, the chicken pox is making me awake. Hello, chicken pox, I need some more medicine". I have bribed him with "shabbat treat breakfast" aka cocopops. "Chock'n' roll cocopops, mummy?" he asks as turns over and temporarily fakes sleep. It's gonna be a long, long night....

Chicken pox day two: we have moved to New York time: we're lethargic and basically sleep all morning, then at 2pm we're bouncing of the walls till 5am. J tells me his chicken pox are hungry and he wants more medicine. I've been up all night and feel appalling. We've got CBeebies on a loop, with Toy Story reserved for the afternoon.

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