Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Hands up if you believe in cranial osteopathy?

The reason I ask, is that I'm just off to see mine. Possesive pronoun indicates it's a semi-regular/more than one-off thing.

Over the years, I've flirted with alternative. Accupuncture, definitely. Crystals? Forget it (once, a friend of mine's mother came to stay for a few weeks, and she hung a crystal in my east window because the house spoke to her and told her that's what it needed, and I couldn't wait for her to leave so I could take it down. I didn't want to embarass her (not exactly halachic/nice), but I'm just not that flakey).

Generally, I believe in science (73%) and fact, and the odd bit of hocus-pocus touchy feeliness (27%). I believe in listening to people, being nice in general, individuality (not alternative, I realise).

I've had the odd problem with my back, over the years. There are those in my family who think that if I had a breast reduction operation all my (back) problems would disappear, but I'm not of that opinion. But I've done a lot of things: yoga (iyengar and hatha), pilates, Alexander Technique, lots of situps. All these things are good.

I've also done cranial osteopathy, but I don't know why. On paper, I sort of don't really believe in it. Although I'm kind of interested when she says what she thinks my body is telling her, because it's often the truth. Although - rarely, but ocassionally - massively wide of the mark .

But the thing is, even though I don't really beleive in it, it works. So she's done wonders to my back/neck, over the years, and really helped me out last time I got a bit stuck at L4-L5 (but then, so did the valium. Not that one should take benzodiazapemes, children, they are addictive).

It's possible that this is a na'aseh v'nishmah situation. Or, as a wise friend said the other night, a sort-of Masorti approach, you kind of don't really believe in it, but you do it anyway.

As you can see, I am in deep thought (very Hitchikers Guide) about Masorti v Orthodoxy. Even if I am post-denominational, so don't technically care. But it can be confusing.

Maybe it's the back pain talking.

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