Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Can you believe this? Half my mail is hosted at 34sp, where I pay serious money for the professional service with a phone number and everything. I moved all my mail there from my buddies colo, because they were just a colo, and couldn't do the kind of support I wanted.

But now, 34sp seem very down - everyone I know with blogs hosted by them is down, their phone didn't answer, and now it says their mailbox is full.

I have pinged them, and they have 100% packet loss.

I dunno. You pay for service, and then this.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Did you hear the Jewish Book Week slot on this morning's Today programme? Fabulous, ironic, entertaining. Although, I should tell Shalom that he's clearly not been to London for a while, because only goth teenagers hangout in Camden (although his Hampstead crepe reference was pretty accurate).

You can here it again here.

In other, relevant, news, I think you can still book for tomorrow's Jewish Book Week session on Dangerous Writing with Shalom Auslander and Naomi Alderman.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Talk about a mashup - it's only US data, but you can effectively get a map showing local blobs for people on the National Sex Offender Registry.

Scary stuff. Privacy, data errors, anyone?
At last. Malcolm Gladwell has a blog.
Wow. Ken Livingstone has been suspended in the "nazi-jibe" scandal.

"The panel rejected Mr Livingstone's argument that there was a difference between the damage he might have caused to his own reputation and the effect of his actions on his office."

Maybe he'll be a little more humble, now. And thoughtful towards the Jewish community. Seems to me, he feels like there are more Muslims, so he better keep on their side.

I wonder if he's going on holiday? It would be kinda awkward to hang out it London, and run into your constituents when you're on your suspension. I must try and get down to that cafe in Willesden he frequents next week. Maybe I can talk some (more) sense into him.
Interesting piece from the Economist, a couple of weeks back on tThe blog in the corporate machine (it's free to read, unlike most of their content - presume they judged the audience on this one.)

I still don't totally get blogs as a corporate PR tool - should companies blog? Sure, if they've got something to say and the right conversational tone. But I'm not sure this article gets it: "social media" is in quotes, and they think a mailing list is part of the social media revolution.
Definitely one for the so-what prize - Bed Books. Right, yeah. Of course.
Did you see Question Time last night? I was very interested to hear Theresa Villiers on the rise of antisemitism - I always feel strangely moved when I hear non-Jews (I presume she isn't Jewish, just had a very Jewish constituency in Barnet) speaking on our behalf. Interesting to note the lukewarm audience response she got for her statment (check the comments online above).

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Obviously, with all the Irving news over in Austria, Deborah Lipstadt has a lot to say.

Sunday, February 19, 2006


This is DJ sasha, not me.


It just looks interesting. Right?
So there've been three calls today on my landline, and when I got there, they hung up. So this time, I did 1471, which I don't really bother with most of the time, as life's too short to know all the information out there, so you have to make editorial decisions.

Imagine my surprise when the number, when googled, turns up Joy House London - Prayer for Brent.

I'm thinking, that I'm not going to call them back.

But I'm also thinking, what did they call for?

Do they have good news?

More importantly, where did they get my number?
I've just caught a glimpse of Tyra Schwarz (variously Tyra Juliette Schwarz) on American Idol.

A glimpse, is all, so I can't comment on her singing, and I don't - technically - believe in all the celebrity/reality dufus TV stuff. But what I want to say is, that she is so Standard Jewish Girl Look Number 4. She looks like a hundred people I know; attractive in an unusual way, dark hair, chutzpah, certain shape nose and eyes.

Like, once I had a flatmate who said whenever she went to a party and looked round, everyone looked like Anne Frank (pale skin, dark hair, earnest eyes, larger than desired behind (little known fact about AF, I tell you). SJGL No3. Or, the year it was the Monica Lewinsky thing, on Yom Kippur I looked along the row I was sitting on in West Hampstead's finest shul, and it was full of chubby-but-attractive girls with dark hair, wearing a lot of black, and with that dirty-wide-eyes innocence. You know what I mean. SJGL No2.

You may ask about me: I'm SJGL No5 - kinda a little bit Jennifer Beale in Dirty Dancing, a little bit Tracey Anne Oberman. Broadly, cleavage and blondish curly/frizzy hair. I know I'm SJGL No5, because about once every six weeks someone comes up to me, starts a very ernest and intimate conversation, and then it transpires they think I'm someone else. Much as I think I'm an individual.

On an entirely not related note, apparently Monica Lewinsky is doing a masters in London. I know this because she had a press conference, like all masters students. I don't know where, because I have written this sentence the the power of my memory, rather than the power of google. Rare, I know.

Yep, I'm back. Just got busy. Lots to do, lots to do. Sorry. Or soz, as I would say, apparently if I was seventeen. Like I'd also use the word boyf, and not ironically. Thank god I'm older and wise.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Today is Tubishvat, New Year for the Trees. No, really. THere's a lot to celebrate when you're Jewish, although the main thing about today is (a) going to a Tubishvat seder (last night, I didn't, long weekend), and (b) eating four kinds of fruit? Seven kinds? It's been a while, as I've just demonstrated.

Nowadays, it's kinda been hijacked, in a good way, by the environmental/green lobby, and it's all about the universe and the planet and not driving a car and using low-energy lightbulbs. All these things are, of course, traditional Jewish values.

Here's a random photo of the Romanian chief rabbi at their Tubishvat Seder. Nice, because I am about one eighth Romanian, although I take it very seriously and regularly make mamaliga

Tonight, of course, I will be eating Moroccan dried fruit salad in honour of this auspicious day. And because there's some in the fridge.

Eleventh commandment?

B, my in-house photographer, spotted this outside a church in Washington, on our recent US trip.

Sunday, February 12, 2006


That's apart from the mobile phone stalkage. Such is modernity.


This was the back of someone's jacket sitting in a coffee shop. Like you'd really want to walk round with "vision enabler" emblazoned on your back. What am I, the messiah?


As if we all knew the way out.


Bloke in the cuppatea place in Swiss Cottage tube station.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Guess where I'm going for Shabbes?


I have crossed followus.com's digital hand with virtual cash (even sucumbing to their special offer), and now I know I'm in Kilburn.

It's amazing what technology can do. Privacy, now that's another matter.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

I can't believe that Smash Hits is closing. Truly a part of my teenage years, my best-friend-at-school A based her entire writing style on the Smash Hits cynicism. Guess they can't compete with MySpace. The world's-a-changing.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

I'm posting this again because it got lost in the melee, and I kinda liked it (in response to ridiculous meme, that I don't generally do, honest, about jobs I've had).

Jobs I've had: writing a (bad) VBA front-end for a large series/family of linked spreadsheets that ran a huge media company. I was regarded by the board as some kind of wunderkind - 'that girl who could deliver geekery, speak tech, communicate like a regular person and understand the business.' I was regarded by my coworkers as 'that spreadsheet nazi, who demanded 100% compliance with her lousy front-end'. Not to be confused with front-bottom. In the end, I was replaced by an ERP. More expensive, and, I heard only last week, still doesn't work as well.
For want of a better phrase, let's just say I don't have a good sense of direction.

Examples: once, I went to visit a friend who lived(s) in Wimbledon. It was hard enough getting there, reading the AtoZ while juggling the gear stick. After a lovely Sunday afternoon, I came out of her house, turned left, and was halfway to Portsmouth before I realised I wasn't going back to Central London. Another time, having been up to Watford for something, I found myself getting on the M1 northbound, and was six junctions before I realised I was going in the wrong direction. I always print out a map before I go anywhere. And I check it, often. I'm the tourist-alike you see in like Islington.

My biggest crapness is on the underground. Most/many people seem to have an innate sense, after years of commuting, of which end of the train to get onto to minimise walking at the other end. I never get it right. Even though I've lived in Kilburn for more than ten years, and commuted for six or seven of them.

I kid myself that I like getting off at the far end as it's good to keep mobile, keep walking, all good for the heart, but the truth is, I just get it wrong. So the train comes in, and I'm sure that this right/left end of the platform will bring me out by the stairs at the Kilburn, but then when we get to Finchley Road (same directional layout) it's immediately clear that I'm wrong. Again.

But. Oh. My. God. I've worked it out.

I had a revelation yesterday. Kilburn is at the back of the train. As long as I know my back from my front, I can always get it right. I checked it. Twice. It works. Kilburn - back of the train.

To you, this is a small thing. To me, mindblowing.

Some might say I should get out more. I do, but often at the wrong end of the train.